Marine life around The Skelligs

In September of 2015 we were returning from the Skelligs when we noticed some bird activity in the distance. The video you are about to see was taken on that day. What I saw that day was certainly the most amazing experience I have ever had during my 50 years at sea. Humpback whales feeding, dophins feeding Bluefine tuna feeding and add to that all the seabirds feeding it literally was a feeding frenzy. Forever to be remembered.

Dolphins around the Skelligs

The journey to and from Skelligsrock is always interesting, but some days are just out there when the trip becomes extra special, seeing a pod of dolphins dancing along by the side of the boat, weaving back and forth across the bows.


Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Ocean Quests Skelligs Tours.

Below you will find links to safety procedures set out by the O.P.W. (Office of Public Works). These procedures will help you to experience the Skellig Islands safely. Accompanying these pamphlets is also a safety video which outlines best practices when ascending and descending the steps of Skellig Michael.