Wing Span: Nearly 200cm.

Characteristics: The Gannet is the largest seabird of the area. The Gannet is gracefully black and white, with a pointed head and tail. It also possesses long, rather narrow black tipped wings.

Habitat: Gannets breed on rocky islands and steep mainland cliffs, in huge colonies. Large colonies are home to 70% of the world’s gannets, with half of the whole population in just 5 sites- St.Kilda, Bass Rock, Ailsa Craig in Scotland, Grassholm in Wales, & little Skelligs in Ireland. Gannets were first mentioned as being on the Skellig in the year 1700, in what was described as “incredible numbers”. The estimated population of these birds on the little Skellig is in the region of 20,000 pairs.

Habits: Gannets dive steeply into the sea from great height to capture their prey, which usually consists of large fish including Herring and Mackerel. At the breeding colony they are noisy and aggressive to intruders.