Characteristics: The herring gull is white with a pale grey back and wings. Their wings are black tipped while they possess a powerful yellow and red spotted bill, yellow eyes and can be seen to have pink feet. In Winter, the birds head has brownish streaks. Juvenile herring gulls are speckled brown, with a black terminal tail-band, gradually attaining adult plumage in the fourth year. They have a very vocal call with a repeated ‘kyow’. Their alarm call on their breeding ground resembles a ‘ga- ga- ga’ sound.

Habitat: The bird can be found in coastal meadows, dunes, on shingle banks, small islands and rock ledges during breeding season. In some cases they can be found on buildings. Outside their breeding season they are usually found on the coast, but also on inland water and rubbish tips.

Habit: Tend to remain fairly local. They have developed more of a liking to refuse tips, sewage outlets and fish quays: in fact anywhere which provides rich pickings.